Tony Coretto Interview on Total Picture Radio


Hi, this is Peter Clayton from TotalPicture Radio.  If you’re like most organizations, chances are that you already have gigabytes or even terabytes of customer data — but that’s not really what you need. The challenge is how best to leverage that data into the most profitable marketing decisions, strategies and results.

That’s what Tony Coretto and the PNT team does.  For more and more marketers who need to do more with less, PNT can provide a full spectrum of customized support services and proven consultative expertise to help you transform customer data into bottom line dollars.  Tony has worked on a variety of key problems in marketing database design, segmentation, householding, and distributed datamarts.  One of his chief goals is to reduce costs, inefficiencies, and frustrations and improve client satisfaction by developing tools and techniques to foster better communications among marketing managers and systems development teams. Read more about Tony Coretto Interview on Total Picture Radio