Data Mining

“We have reams of data, but no efficient way of generating insights”

“We have multiple tools, but nobody seems to understand how to use them effectively to get the answers we need”

“We have plenty of insights, but no way to test them and determine the validity of our assumptions and hypotheses concerning customer behavior”

What can we learn from our customer data about what transactional behaviors drive relationship profitability?

With years of experience in linking transactional data to profitability, PNT can pinpoint the behavioral drivers of customer profitability.

Are there differences in overall satisfaction among customers who use different channels more or less?

PNT combines data from all available internal sources (transactional, service enrollment, financial and status history, survey data, demographics) for the most robust data mining possible.

What can third party demographic data add to our understanding of our customers?

We work with many vendors (D&B, Donnelley, Experian) to obtain the “best-fit” variables to support customer insight.

What kind of tools should we be using to generate insight?

We can help with K-Means testing, Factor Analysis, Regression, Clustering, and other sophisticated data mining tools to uncover hidden patterns in your customer data.