Data Modeling

“We’ve got lots of data in our electronic Data Warehouse but we don’t have the resources to get it out and see what it means.”

“I’m not sure what it’s telling me about customer satisfaction and loyalty.”

“What queries do I need to make to see which customer relationships are sticking and which are leaving?”

Service Industry firms tend to have lots of data but there's often a gap between the analysts and statisticians and the business leaders. PNT Marketing Services helps bridge the divide. We can articulate the modeling needs, fulfill them, and tell you what they mean for strategy or tactical implementation.

How can we evaluate customer attrition risk in our portfolio?

PNT attrition modeling pinpoints sources and causes of attrition by segment, product or business and provides actionable recommendations.

How do we assess the relative impact of different past direct marketing efforts on overall customer growth?

PNT models vintage and evaluate changes in customer relationship values and behavior over time, relative to specific marketing events.

What transactional or behavioral characteristics distinguish our most/least profitable customers?

PNT performs profitability analysis by customer/household and develops a segmentation informed by customer transactional and behavioral history across all channels.

How can I make the data in my data warehouse actionable and deploy analytic results to the sales force in an easy-to-use way?

PNT uses state-of-the-art analytic and reporting tools to create easy-to-use reports to support the efforts of far-flung sales and marketing personnel in branch offices, available via internet or intranet.