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The Simple Process of Making Sense of Big Data Part I: Steps 1-3

The arrival of Big Data was not an immediate occurrence, but it’s one that is generating immediate reactions among chief marketing officers throughout the global marketplace. A McKinsey analysis examining more than 250 engagements over five years determined that companiesable to put data at the center of their sales and marketing decisions were able to improve their marketing return on investment (ROI) by 15 to 20 percent.

With an annual global marketing spend of an estimated $1 trillion, this kind of increase equates to $150-$200 billion in additional value. Read more about The Simple Process of Making Sense of Big Data Part I: Steps 1-3

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“PNT provided analytic horsepower to help drive a significant increase in new business.”

Brent Kelly
Chief Marketing Officer, M&I

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Try these tips to get more out of your data without overdoing the analytics

Unchecked, too much data and too much data availability can naturally lead to analysis paralysis, the phenomenon of spending so much time and so many resources on gathering and analyzing data, that there’s little or no time or resources left to act on all that analysis.

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