Privacy Pledge

PNT's Privacy Pledge is a promise to our clients to safeguard their own customer data as if it were our own. It is also a promise to help our clients adhere to the consumer privacy and do-not-contact standards established by the FTC's National Do Not Call Registry, the Graham-Leach-Bliley Act, the State Attorneys General lists and other legislation designed to protect the rights of individual consumers.

In particular, we pledge:

  • To safeguard customer information entrusted to us by our clients according to the highest standards of security and confidentiality, using all procedural, technical, and other methods at our disposal
  • To permit only authorized employees who are trained in the correct handling of customer information to access that information; any employee found violating PNT's Privacy Pledge will be disciplined as appropriate and may be subject to termination
  • To, in the event that PNT hires other organizations to provide support services, require those organizations to adhere to PNT's Privacy Pledge and to allow audits to ensure compliance
  • To limit the information we collect on our clients' customers to the minimum needed to provide a given product or service to the highest level of service and quality
  • To provide our clients with information on the latest legislation on consumer privacy and to ensure that our clients comply with the latest do-not-contact lists in the event that our clients engage PNT to generate lists to be used for contact of our clients' customers

At PNT we realize that information on your customers is your most important and sensitive asset, and we pledge our utmost to protect and safeguard that asset while helping you in turn to safeguard the rights of your customers.

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