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If you're like most organizations, chances are that you already have gigabytes or even terabytes of customer data - but that's not really what you need. The challenge is how best to leverage that data into the most profitable marketing decisions, strategies - and results. Please use the form below to access your free whitepapers immediately.

Available White Papers

To help you get smart fast about customer intelligence, we've put the following easy-to-read, not-to-be-missed white papers together.

Customer Attrition, Retention and Loyalty

When it comes to the thorny problem of customer attrition, we'll help you define it, measure it, segment it, and manage it. Avoid common measurement mistakes, develop true customer intelligence and learn to react to the real customer signals hidden in your data.

Onboarding White Paper

For Services based companies like banks, insurance, investments - learn the database marketing techniques that best leverage your customer data and how to build an integrated program to "on board" new customers and keep them engaged.

Customer Profitability Analysis - FAQ

How do you define customer profitability? How long will it take to set up an analysis? What are the steps involved? We'll help you figure it all out in this FAQ.

B2B Customer Segmentation

For organizations which focus on B2B, customer segmentation is a critical tool to focus marketing efforts. This overview will help you get started.