Our Solutions

PNT offers tools to transform customer information into customer insights and expert advice to help channel those insights into action. We partner closely with you to understand your business needs thoroughly. Then we consult with you to implement solutions and winning strategies. Whether you need a one-off campaign or an integrated, multi-channel program, our problem-solving approach and integrated, modular solutions will deliver as no off-the-shelf package can.

In the end, you’ll have made a smart investment in Customer Intelligence that will deliver results you can measure, predict and repeat.


Customer Intelligence Solutions

Revenue-producing insights derived from a 360 degree view of your customer across channels, products, transactions and behaviors:

  • Customer Intelligence Assessment™
  • CI Marketing Database Solutions

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Marketing Insight Solutions

Actionable Information to optimize your marketing ROI. When you understand what your customers’ behavior really tells you, you can act; we have the tools to help, including:

  • Customer Dynamic Insights™
  • Customer Segmentation Insights™
  • Channel Mix Optimization Insights™
  • Profitability & Pricing Insights™

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Marketing Action Solutions

Expert advice and Customer Intelligence-driven tools to execute programs easily and efficiently:

  • List & Data Management
  • Creative and Content (learn more...)
  • Program & Campaign Support, Analytics & Reporting

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Do you need to:

  • Optimize your Customer Intelligence within your databases / datamarts to sharpen the accuracy of your marketing spend – the right customers, the right message, the right channel
  • Develop insight-based segmentation of your clients to power client-centric acquistion / retention programs
  • Achieve a 360 degree view of your clients / prospects’ behavior in order to offer the products and services they’re searching for
  • Generate quantitative models that unlock actionable insights within your customer data
  • Provide a flexible, powerful marketing dashboard for all levels of management