Marketing Action Solutions

Our goal is to grow your business. And, thanks to our exclusive partnership with custom content agency RICG, we can take you through a jargon-free process that removes subjectivity and randomness out of typical marketing programs, in favor of a clear, step-by-step approach:

  • Data Diagnostic & Creative Discovery
  • Build your customer-centric datamart
  • Predict highest-value targets
  • Design your brand experience
  • Customize your message
  • Deploy flawlessly across multi channels
  • Measure, track, adjust & optimize
  • Map against original business goals. And repeat.

Focus on your Customers, not your Marketing Operations

Liberate your marketing talent to be more responsive – and more effective. Focus on your customers, not your marketing operations, to:

  • Increase marketing tempo and ROI
  • Speed customer offerings to market in days instead of weeks
  • Deftly engage customers across multiple programs instead of struggling to handle one
  • Profoundly improve the transparency, ease and value of your auditing and reporting

Marketing Action Solutions

Integrate your end-to-end marketing operations. Our broad technical expertise, deep database marketing knowledge and powerful analytical tools will help you integrate database analytics, offers, closing, response tracking, fulfillment and customer crediting, auditing and reporting.

List & Data Management: Industry-leading, integrated list integrity solutions, including merge/purge, deduplication, match/append, householding, data hygiene, geocoding and legal, regulatory, and privacy compliance (click here to learn more about our privacy and compliance solutions) – plus data and insights you need from sources such as D&B, Donnelley and Experian

Creative & Branding: Thanks to our exclusive partnership with RICG, a full-service custom content agency, we are able to transform your big data into personalized, creative campaigns. After all, audiences don’t exist any more, only individuals. So text and imagery should be customized, as opposed to the standard one-creative-fits-all approach. We can take you through a jargon-free creative process that removes subjectivity and randomness out of typical marketing programs, in favor of a clear, step-by-step approach to design your brand experience, customize your messages, and deploy flawlessly across multi-channels.

Program and Campaign Support, Analytics and Reporting: Measure marketing and sales force effectiveness, incent staff properly and improve business development strategies through feedback

Only PNT offers end-to-end offer management capabilities. From targeting to selection through fulfillment, auditing, tracking and reporting, we’ll handle the operational complexities of offer management, integrating seamlessly with your in-house systems.

PNT Provides a Partnership, Not a Package

The greatest advantage PNT offers our clients is a consultative, collaborative partnership. We take our clients’ unique business objectives as our own, design solutions to meet them, and stay with clients through the nitty-gritty of operational execution. Or as we like to say, “Don’t buy the package, buy the results.”