Customer Intelligence Assessment Boosts Database Quality, Efficiency

The Challenge: 

The client, a Midwest regional bank, $60B assets, 375 branches, 1.5M accounts, was unable to determine data accuracy and business rules from a Marketing Database (MCIF) from a major Bank Automation vendor:

  • Major householding and data issues
  • Dissatisfaction among the teams employees due to their inability to turn around analytic or marketing requests quickly because of poor technology and inaccurate data
  • Dissatisfaction among internal marketing and other users as requests were turned around slowly and results were suspect

Database Marketing team of a dozen SAS programmer/analysts were good technical analysts but not familiar with bank data, marketing or database management.

Our Solution: 

Conducted  PNT’s unique Customer Intelligence Assessment and provided thorough Database Marketing  recommendations within 4 weeks on:

  • People
  • Process
  • Technology

Subsequently hired to implement several of the recommendations, including:

  • Team organizational design
  • Uncovered hidden business rules in the data

Reconciled Marketing data to the bank’s official accounting General Ledger

The Results: 

Reduced active account base by approximately 20 percent improving reported balances of customer households by 7 percent.  Discovered and documented major business rules:

  • Marketing open/closed account status
  • Product mapping
  • Reconcilement to the GL
  • Secondary name and address data
Key Results: 
  • Corrected marketing accounting to yield a 7% improvement in customer average balances
  • Designed a marketing DataMart without the need for expensive technology project
  • Provided a management map to maximize people, process and technology