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Re-Pricing and Retention Analysis Leads to Increased Revenue, Decreased Attrition

Product re-pricing is tricky and fraught with peril: depending on the pricing actions taken, the customer impact could range from negligible to disastrous, with attrition being the greatest risk. PNT can analyze the impact by modeling the various re-pricing actions and combining that impact model with a segmentation of the customer base, targeting the most impacted and greatest value customers with the most pro-active actions to stem attrition and consolidate relationships for greater profitability.

Improved Customer Intelligence Leads to Greater Customer Retention

Customer-level attrition is notoriously difficult to track and measure correctly. Easier-to-use measures like account or balance attrition can often be misleading with disastrous consequences for companies if they either under- or over-estimate the true extent of the rate at which actual customers are leaving. PNT’s Retention Dynamics provides accurate, powerful insights into all levels of attrition metrics, focusing on developing a true and actionable picture of customer attrition so it can be correctly targeted for marketing actions. Based on this accurate picture, a company (bank, financial institution, etc.) can now target precisely those customers at risk with the right messages and offers to control attrition.

Customer Attrition Management Reduces Expenses

PNT’s ability to parachute into an organization, pull together time-series data from multiple sources, and create an analytic database.  PNT generated actionable insight into customer attrition through use of its proprietary matching tools (MetroMatch) as well as attrition measurement tools (RightAttrit).

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