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Customer Intelligence Boosts E-mail Response Rates by over 100%

PNT can take advantage of the “digital signals” captured by on-line behaviors (opening and reading e-mails, clicking links, visiting and browsing websites) to create response models to boost e-mail campaign response rates and increase online lead generation. Coupled with the “analog signals” describing an individual subscriber’s demographics and characteristics, PNT can create powerful customer segmentation models to create even more targeted messages for dramatically higher  response and lead-generation rates.

Enhanced Database Improves Direct Marketing Efficiency and Accuracy

An accurate database is key to supporting direct marketing and communication activities to customers and prospects alike. PNT specializes in mastering data across multiple data sources, “householding” that data together to create a holistic and integrated view of the customer across all products, services, geographies, and organizational contact points, and to apply data hygiene to create the most accurate database possible to support better and more accurate matching against external data sources (demographic data, for example) to allow the most accurate database enhancement. By creating the most accurate, scrubbed, integrated, and up-to-date database, marketing programs have higher effectiveness and ROI, resulting in better bottom-line profitability.

Intranet Marketing Hub Leads to Significant Increase In Acquisition & Cross-Sell

PNT offers a variety of turn-key marketing automation solutions to help companies leverage their customer data faster and more efficiently to support higher-value, targeted marketing. This case study shows one example, where we created a marketing hub bringing together customer and prospect lists, creative collateral, and de-centralized access to allow marketers greater freedom to support targeted communications in branch offices without creating bottlenecks in a central marketing office.

Customer Intelligence Powers Key Decision-Makers Marketing-Sales Program

High-value sales is a relationship business: sales reps need to have the in-depth relationship information they need in order to speak intelligently to their clients with authority. PNT can support high-value, relationship-based sales with a variety of customer-intelligence based programs, including “air cover” (providing marketing programs and offers which support on-the-ground sales efforts by relationship managers), intelligent analytics (providing sales reps with more actionable information on their customers to support sales efforts), and targeted events (seminars, webinars, and other events to cater to specific interests of high-value customers) to get sales reps  in front of the customers with relevant offerings.

CI My Best Checking™ Yields 44 percent Boost in Core Deposits

PNT can generate tactical results fast with targeted programs like My Best Checking™. This program provides a quick, tactical solution to the endemic problem of putting the right customer in the right checking account; within weeks, PNT can identify customers who are not in the ideal checking product, roll out targeted communications, and help the bank increase deposit balances and customer satisfaction and retention.

Customer Segmentation Boosts New Client Acquisition - adds $7.5MM in Annual Revenue

PNT’s expertise in actionable customer segmentation; working with raw data, we have the expertise to pull in the correct data, mine it and optimally segment for acquisition of profitable customers.

Customer Intelligence Accelerates SMB Marketing Results for Money Center Bank

PNT’s end-to-end capabilities helped create the necessary database infrastructure to generate insights, then used that insight to deliver marketing action plans that delivered strong results.

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