Customer Intelligence

CI My Best Checking™ Yields 44 percent Boost in Core Deposits

PNT can generate tactical results fast with targeted programs like My Best Checking™. This program provides a quick, tactical solution to the endemic problem of putting the right customer in the right checking account; within weeks, PNT can identify customers who are not in the ideal checking product, roll out targeted communications, and help the bank increase deposit balances and customer satisfaction and retention.

Customer Intelligence Assessment Boosts Database Quality, Efficiency

PNT’s ability to “parachute in” to a customer, engage and interview marketing and database support team members, and pinpoint immediately areas of actionable improvement to make reporting far more accurate and the database far more efficient at supporting marketing’s strategic and tactical needs. Also highlights our ability to implement based on our recommendations – we’re not just a McKinsey, leaving behind a deck for others to implement, we actually have the chops to do what we say.

Customer Segmentation Boosts New Client Acquisition - adds $7.5MM in Annual Revenue

PNT’s expertise in actionable customer segmentation; working with raw data, we have the expertise to pull in the correct data, mine it and optimally segment for acquisition of profitable customers.

Streamlined Data and Process Management Produces Significant Cost Savings

PNT’s ability not just to help our clients understand and manage data, but to understand our clients’ business processes and how best to organize and manage data to support them.

Customer Attrition Management Reduces Expenses

PNT’s ability to parachute into an organization, pull together time-series data from multiple sources, and create an analytic database.  PNT generated actionable insight into customer attrition through use of its proprietary matching tools (MetroMatch) as well as attrition measurement tools (RightAttrit).

Customer Intelligence Accelerates SMB Marketing Results for Money Center Bank

PNT’s end-to-end capabilities helped create the necessary database infrastructure to generate insights, then used that insight to deliver marketing action plans that delivered strong results.

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