Streamlined Data and Process Management Produces Significant Cost Savings

The Challenge: 

An education publishing company had recently added several new systems with customer data: CRM, e-Mail DM, website and others. None of these were captured in existing order system feeding the new MCIF. Company wanted a complete review of all systems and vendors for a “total” solution.

Our Solution: 
  • PNT recommended a smaller, less expensive “gap analysis” to focus not on a total solution but on identified business process needs
  • We met with the senior management team and conducted interviews on current and near term business needs
  • We also interviewed technology owners and did a deep dive into existing technology platforms
The Results: 

Based on our interviews with key stakeholders and a review of technology and data assets, we:

  • Identified process opportunities
  • Cataloged data management gaps
  • Recommended investing in IT resources and vendor management rather than new systems

Our recommendations results in significant cost savings and provided better management control.