Customer Intelligence Powers Key Decision-Makers Marketing-Sales Program

The Challenge: 

Pitney Bowes, a major Fortune 500 B2B services firm, sells multi-million-dollar business solutions contracts through its dedicated sales force. However, although services are sold and managed at the departmental/tactical level, contract amounts are so large that they required CFO/CEO approval. For this engagement, Pitney approached us to help develop and support a C-level awareness program to reduce attrition and minimize contract renewal issues.

Our Solution: 

Working together with Pitney, PNT

  • Gathered data on major decision-makers in the client’s customer base from multiple systems to create a specialized marketing database
  • Created a process to leverage the marketing database to support:
    • Broad awareness programs (primarily Direct Marketing efforts) to provide a background and context for more targeted efforts
    • Targeted awareness events (seminars, luncheons, dinners, and others) for key decision-makers, supporting specific  
  • Targeted programs were triggered by a combination of:
    • An algorithm-driven process to review revenue shifts in the marketing database
    • Sales team requests to support their initiatives
The Results: 

During the course of the two-year engagement, PNT’s efforts helped Pitney to

  • Reduce attrition in the targeted customer base by over 10 percent
  • Increase renewal rates by over 7 percent
  • Produce an engagement ROI of over 120 percent
Key Results: 

PNT helped Pitney:

Reduce attrition by over 10%, increase renewal rates by over 7%, and achieve ROI of over 120%