Customer Intelligence Boosts E-mail Response Rates by over 100%

The Challenge: 

Our client, a top national digital marketing agency, had already been extremely successful in increasing response, click-through-rate (CTR), and click-to-lead rates for their client, a large for-profit education firm. To get breakthrough results for even greater lead generation, they needed to go to the next level with more sophisticated predictive analytics.

Our Solution: 
  • PNT constructed an analytic data warehouse of all contacts with a history of all e-mail messages sent over the past  12 months, including:
    • All contact-level data
    • All e-mail message level data including send data and response data (delivered, open, click-through, links clicked)
    • On-page data from Google Analytics for more granular analysis of behavior patterns (pages visited) that influenced form-fill
    • Client-provided data identifying which contacts became accepted leads and which eventually enrolled in courses
    • Call-center data
  • Analyzed the database with an eye to generating “quick hits” to impact lead generation fast
    • Created an “RFM” (Recency/Frequency/Monetary)-type model to identify “near-miss” contacts – those with high RFM scores but who had not yet filled out a lead form online – segmented into four distinct sub-groups for maximum targeting effectiveness
  • Our client created special messaging and creative to target each of the four “near-miss” sub-groups based on their RFM characteristics
The Results: 
  • The new test  e-mail campaign was a stunning success:
    • Click-through-rate (CTR) increased by 116% vs. control
    • Click-to-lead (CTL) increased by 57% vs. control
    • Almost 300 incremental leads were generated
  • The analytic platform we created is now being leveraged to support on-going response improvement through the addition of demographic and other data
Key Results: 

“PNT helped us boost click-through rates and click-to-lead rates significantly, and their “quick hit” analytics were right on target.”
- Tricia McCune,
  Director of E-mail Marketing Strategy

  • 116% increase in click-through-rate (CTR)
  • 57% improvement in click-to-lead rate (CTL)
  • Analytic platform in place to support further improvements