Customer Intelligence Assessment™

Firms with large, complex customer databases often run into myriad problems with their database marketing. Sometimes there are simple translation problems between the staff in departments with names like "Decision Management," "Business Intelligence," or "Database Marketing" who speak a technical language and marketers who speak "Businessese." Other issues preventing Marketers from getting value out of their customer data include:

  • Database design issues
  • Internal client engagement failures
  • Technology
  • People
  • Project and process management weakness
    • capacity issues
    • prioritization

CMOs regularly face the types of challenges listed below. PNT's Customer Intelligence AssessmentTM  is a quick and efficient way to identify solutions to the most pressing issues. Through a series of interviews of staff, management, end users, and other stakeholders as well as a review of data design and process, our industry experts rapidly identify the top issues affecting database marketing performance and recommend solutions.

"We're not satisfying our internal customers. All of our projects are behind schedule and the numbers we report are always being called into question."

PNT's Customer Intelligence AssessmentTM quickly identifies the sources of problems like these. Interviewing your internal customers, staff and other stakeholders as well as reviewing data sources rapidly pinpoints key opportunities.

"Our MCIF or CRM aren't serving us well. We don't understand how they're householding our customers or what other business rules are embedded. Can it be fixed or is it time to junk the old system?"

At PNT we're familiar with a broad array of these customer data problems. Our Customer Intelligence AssessmentTM will help you evaluate the options: fix your customer data system; supplement your system, or replace it.

"Every internal client request is like a new ad hoc project. How can we build the right infrastructure to make our processes repeatable and increase our throughput?"

The PNT Customer Intelligence AssessmentTM uncovers process and project management bottlenecks and client engagement failures. We'll show you how to massively improve your responsiveness to your internal clients.