Customer Intelligence Marketing Database Solutions

Householding & Merge/Purge

Match customers in a single household to one another to better understand customer relationships, lifecycle, and needs. Accurately bring together multiple business accounts into ‘corporate families’ to build insight into true customer dynamics. Merge duplicate records into a single record with choosing the best available current information from all records.

Outsourcing / Hosting Your Marketing Database

Your expertise is in meeting your customers’ needs, not becoming an expert in databases. It seems like every request you make to extract customers or prospects from your customer database or CRM is far more complicated than it ought to be and involves someone from IT explaining way more about Boolean logic than you want to know.

Business Overlays: Data Append

High quality firmographic business data overlays with 30% more matches than single-source data. Get pricing online.

It’s crucial to make use of all available data, from all available sources, to understand your customers and develop the deepest, most profitable relationships with them. PNT can source data variables from every major list provider (Dun and Bradstreet, Donnelley, Experian, others). Using our proprietary MetroMatch matching technology, we can append these variables quickly and accurately to your own customer records.

Customer Database Enhancement

Add customer demographic data and business firmographic data to vastly increase the value of your customer information file.

Build value added flags for ‘recency’ and frequency of customer purchase and other behaviors to better understand your customers.

Create custom user-defined variables to support business needs (customer status, lifetime value, likely next product, rank, or others), depending on available data.

Custom Marketing Database Design & Development

Developing a Marketing-oriented customer database is one of the most important tools for developing your Customer Intelligence.

Many Marketers struggle with getting real customer marketing data from operational customer files.

At PNT we’re marketing database experts: we know how to build, cleanse, mine and leverage a valuable repository of customer information.

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