Householding & Merge/Purge

Match customers in a single household to one another to better understand customer relationships, lifecycle, and needs. Accurately bring together multiple business accounts into ‘corporate families’ to build insight into true customer dynamics. Merge duplicate records into a single record with choosing the best available current information from all records.

We don’t really know how many customers we have, or what they’re doing—we just have various accounting, order processing, and customer service records in different systems.

PNT uses our proprietary MetroMatch householding and linking technology to bring all records for a single customer together for a holistic view of the customer’s entire relationship, resulting in an accurate census of all your customers.

We know we have lots of duplicate records in our customer database, but we don’t know how to consolidate them.

PNT has the sophisticated technical tools, expertise, and years of experience necessary to tackle the hardest deduplication jobs. Our next-generation MetroMatch software platform makes use of “fuzzy logic” technology and hundreds of different user-selectable rules to match and deduplicate with unparalleled accuracy.

How do we define a “customer”? Is it every unique account, or all accounts with the same name and address, or everyone with the same last name and at the same address, or what?

PNT has developed many different definitions of “customer” for different clients, based on different methods of aggregation, different data sources, and different business needs. We’ll help you figure out the optimal definition for your business needs.