Outsourcing / Hosting Your Marketing Database

Your expertise is in meeting your customers’ needs, not becoming an expert in databases. It seems like every request you make to extract customers or prospects from your customer database or CRM is far more complicated than it ought to be and involves someone from IT explaining way more about Boolean logic than you want to know.

Then there’s getting the file from the vendor, and to the list processor, and matched to the internal files and formatted for the lettershop – all without compromising data security rules that seem to grow more every day – how can you focus your time on creative marketing of your services to meet your customers’ needs?

We don’t have an MCIF or CRM system to maintain our institutional knowledge of our customers – or, it’s not working well

Let PNT maintain your customer marketing database for you. We’ll extract the data from multiple sources, add overlays, update status flags

Each Direct Marketing program takes too long to set up, involves too many handoffs between multiple vendors and internal departments leading to stale programs.

We perform all of the list generation functions for you: hygiene, scrubbing, de-duping, segmentation, etc.

We looked at some of the major firms in this space – they’re pushing expensive software as the solution – but it’s not what I want to spend my marketing budget on.

Overcoming internal IT bottlenecks means greater speed to market. PNT provides a turn-key solution: you subscribe to as many of the service components as you need only for as long as you need.

It seems like  there’s always some error in a file handoff between departments or vendors. Can’t anybody understand how to handle my customer data all the way through the process?

Fewer handoffs among departments and vendors means fewer errors, cleaner, more current data – and fewer data security headaches.