Business Overlays: Data Append

High quality firmographic business data overlays with 30% more matches than single-source data. Get pricing online.

It’s crucial to make use of all available data, from all available sources, to understand your customers and develop the deepest, most profitable relationships with them. PNT can source data variables from every major list provider (Dun and Bradstreet, Donnelley, Experian, others). Using our proprietary MetroMatch matching technology, we can append these variables quickly and accurately to your own customer records.

I need to understand the demographics of my customer base, but don’t have any information on them other than name and address.

PNT can purchase demographic data for you from our industry-leading list providers, append it to your customer list using our MetroMatch technologies, and help you use that information to understand your customers better.

There are so many variables available from so many vendors — how do we choose?.

PNT can help you wade throughthe complexities of choosing a data provider and help you select the most relevant variables based on an in-depth understanding of your business needs.

Now that we’ve added all these variables to my customer files, how do we use them to build the most profitable customer relationships?

PNT has the tools and experience to help you turn reams of data into actionable, profit-producing information you can use to develop the right products, target the right customers, and develop long-lasting client relationships.