Custom Marketing Database Design & Development

Developing a Marketing-oriented customer database is one of the most important tools for developing your Customer Intelligence.

Many Marketers struggle with getting real customer marketing data from operational customer files.

At PNT we’re marketing database experts: we know how to build, cleanse, mine and leverage a valuable repository of customer information.

Our Data Warehouse isn’t providing the data we require for customer marketing analysis.

Our custom Marketing Data Marts add the customer data you need to what’s available from your Data Warehouse.

Our CRM provides lots of customer history but no customer intelligence or marketing analytics.

PNT custom marketing databases capture the data and provide the analytics you need to run your business.

Our marketing database comes from our order entry system and it’s clogged with duplicate customers and incomplete customer data.

PNT can build you a marketing database with automated data hygiene and deduplication from order entry or other non-marketing sources—and we’ll help improve the entry process as well.

We’ve recently acquired another company, and don’t have in-depth information on their customers—our systems don’t talk to one another, and we need to develop our strategic customer integration plan right away.

PNT specializes in quickly building customer databases integrating data across multiple companies, systems, and platforms, and have helped a number of companies integrate data on acquired companies and customers.