Targeting & Lead Generation

Precise targeting is essential for the highest possible response rates and generating the best “fit” between your company’s product and service offerings and your potential customers in the marketplace.

PNT’s best ”fit” solution is to start by analyzing your current customers on all available variables, both quantitative and qualitative, and modeling prospects based on that analysis.

Leads should also be matched to the appropriate sales channel, creative, and salesperson to create maximum receptivity to your marketing message.

We haven’t been able to find the right prospects for our new product.

Based on an analysis of your current products and services, and existing customer base, PNT can model and find the right leads for your next campaign.

We haven’t been able to find enough qualified leads for our sales teams.

The problem may not be a lack of leads, but a lack of targeting – PNT can help you find the right leads so that your sales team is the most effective at booking sales.

We keep going to the same set of leads over and over again – are there any new lead sources out there?

There are plenty of lead sources from Experian to Donnelley to D&B. Often, however, “retreads” are a symptom of imprecise targeting, not the sign of a bad lead source.