Customer Acquisition | Customer Intelligence | Direct Marketing Responses

Tracking responses to direct marketing is just the beginning… PNT provides a true 360° view for real Customer Intelligence, enabling you to focus your attention where it will be most profitable.Our solution provides a complete view of your direct marketing efforts so you can make informed decisions.

Need to track Return on Marketing (ROM):

  • Response rates to new customer acquisition programs
  • Changes in profitability of program responders vs. non-responders

Need to fulfill customer offers by qualifying customers and passing files to effect benefits.

Previous acquisition efforts have been scattershot, unfocused, and ineffective.

PNT looks at the full customer behavior captured by your systems and puts it all together:

  • Take-up of offers
  • Other purchase and transactional behaviors
  • Change in account balances (financial services companies)

PNT tracks compliance with all offer Terms & Conditions, creates fulfillment orders and provides downstream reporting requirements (e.g. for IRS reporting).

Carefully design targets for acquisition, replacing “shotgun” approach with “laser” focus on most likely, most profitable acquisition targets.