Marketing Program Success Tracking | Sales Tracking

The time to think about measuring the success or failure of a marketing program is before launch, not after – it’s critical to set up the correct test and control groups and to gauge performance accurately by looking at the right variables (responses, inquiries, sales meetings, bookings, sales) and at the right benchmarks.

PNT can help you measure and track sales force effectiveness, incent sales staff properly, and use their feedback to develop better lists and contact strategies.

How do we know if our latest marketing campaign was a success or not?

PNT helps you to design the right goals, metrics, and tracking before your campaign launches, providing you with quantitative measures of success.

Our sales staff is making a lot of money on sales incentives, but we’re not seeing any revenue increase or bottom-line impact.

PNT can measure the effectiveness of sales staff on a case-by-case basis, and tie those results back to your bottom line, so you know whether the money you’re spending on commissions and other sales incentives is worth it.

Our sales tracking reports don’t count sales my program drives into non-target channels. How can I measure the traffic I’m generating?

PNT can design tracking processes to measure traffic driven into multiple channels.