Channel Mix Optimization Insights™

What is Multi-Channel Marketing?

In multi-channel marketing, more than one marketing channel is utilized to deliver a message.

How Important is Managing Your Database?

These days with increasing pressure to maximize marketing ROI, an agency not effectively managing their database is very likely missing valuable opportunities to improve your agency’s results and objectives.

PNT can provide help with everything from lead management to audience targeting and segmentation.  But PNT does far more than just pull marketing data together.  PNT designs, builds, and executes the program that effectively meets your specific agency objectives.

Just as important, we will provide actionable insights that will lead to measurable results.

How Can Utilizing Multiple Market Channels Improve My Agency's ROI?

When you intelligently use multiple communication channels, you increase the chances that your message will be delivered to and received by your targeted audience.  How?  By making certain you deliver the right message to the right person via the right medium.

How PNT Can Work for You

These days the pressure is on to make certain you’re making the most of every marketing dollar.  That can prove especially challenging in a time when you may be losing your audience and reach due to the changing of traditional media channels and new and different digital channels thrown into the mix.

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