How PNT Can Work for You

These days the pressure is on to make certain you’re making the most of every marketing dollar.  That can prove especially challenging in a time when you may be losing your audience and reach due to the changing of traditional media channels and new and different digital channels thrown into the mix.

When Web sites and email were first introduced, rapid change to adapt to the new technology was required.  Now with social media and with increased capabilities and usage of mobile media and smart phones, agencies must once again be nimble to jump on board and quickly and effectively integrate these new media capabilities.

Audiences have already embraced new technologies and a traditional media plan isn’t the best way to reach an increasingly fragmented audience.

PNT Marketing Services is expert in helping you utilize multiple marketing channels to segment your audience and refine and deliver customized messages to each target audience via the most effective media.

And, since PNT measures response quickly—sometimes even immediately—you’ll know what’s working, empowering you to make marketing and media decisions in real time.
Intuition is one thing.   Data-driven market intelligence is another.

Since 1988 PNT Marketing Services has been helping clients ensure that they are earning the best possible marketing ROI by:

  • Identifying the target audience
  • Managing the database
  • Segmenting the target audience
  • Identifying and sending customized/personalized messages through a variety of channels
  • Measuring response directly

The result? PNT delivers Market Intelligence Refined that empowers you to make data driven marketing decisions that will result in more successful outreach efforts.